Lewes PrisonLinks are being forged with HM Prison in Lewes in order to assist those being released by meeting them “At the gates”. Life after prison can be formidable and many  individuals go on to repeat offend in a very  and short space of time. Our desire along with others is to support vulnerable men and thus limit the likelihood of re-offending and so restore hope and self esteem back to them. It is still early days for this work and it will only be successful with the help of others with far more experience.

Spring 2017 UPDATE: Following the continuing assistance that Crossover has been able to provide to Lewes Prison; a formal partnership has now been established through the prison Chaplaincy service. Crossover continue to assist in this partnership with a view to expanding the amount we are able to do in the future as the charity grows.


SUMMER 2015 UPDATE: As a result of substantial changes in the prison services in early 2015, Crossover have been able to establish strong links with Lewes Prison and has now received several referrals ‘at the gates’ and been able to successfully help them back into society.With a wealth of previous experience in prison services, Tracey Tollhill has been able to assist in connecting Crossover volunteers with appropriate ex-offendeers. Meeting them in the pre-release centre, Tracy analyses the needs of the individual and helps create a strategy and plan to help re-introduce them into society.

Crossover has been able to work closely with other partners such as BOSS (Brighton Offenders Support Service) who, managed by two ex-probation officers, also helps to support the ex-offenders by signposting them to various Crossover Projects that they can be a part of as they are re-introduced to society.

If you can support or are interested in this very rewarding work please contact us with your details. For more information, please use the contact page.