Street Visitation

David Bolton

Crossoverbrighton, under the management of David till April 2012, developed and operated a Charity Shop located in the heart of Fishersgate. This was formally passed over to the Citycoast Trust who are now very effectively using it as an opportunity to support the surrounding neighbourhood – the shop has been renamed “Second Chance”.

As a direct consequence  David was left with spare time on his hands especially Monday, Thursday and Fridays in which to do something constructive . Several alternatives were explored, however the most pressing was simply to go out in to the City’s Highways and byways to find and befriend those most in need.  David engages in conversation with members of the street community whilst  practically supplying clothing, sleeping bags as available, and in some cases simply words of encouragement. The aim is to build strong friendships and to link people to the relevant services available in the City. For more stories please visit our blog.

Should you wish to be involved in visitation work or support this practically you can do so by contributing warm clothing, socks, hats, coats etc ….and sleeping bags both new and used( if in good condition)

Working together we can make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable men and women living in our City!