Homeless to Homed – Part 2 !!

Following on from Part 1 of Frank Da Costa’s story …… one of his dreams and desires was to reconnect with his family!  He hadn’t seen his mother, father, sister, daughter for about 9 years.  He even had a grandson he hadn’t even met!  During the summer of 2016 he was  able to make contact with his daughter via Facebook and as a result she decided to fly from Canada to visit him for 2 weeks!


Earlier this year Frank’s mother, father, sister, nephew, daughter and others flew from Canada to Brighton for 3 weeks to visit and stay with Frank in an apartment at the Hotel Metropole.  Little did Frank know when he was sleeping on the bench opposite this hotel last year that he would be staying there with his whole family the following year.  Only in his dreams!!  His prayers were answered!

We were privileged to share a meal with the Da Costa familia!!

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