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Welcome to Crossover Brighton

Registered Charity Number 1153475

935765_60207996We are  local  people passionate to provide food, practical and spiritual support, where feasible, to the homeless and needy in Brighton and the surrounding area. 

We’d love you to partner with us in reaching those who are vulnerable and in doing so, enable us to continue responding to the extreme and ever increasing needs that are so evident to see in our city of Brighton and Hove.

935764_30449266You can learn more about who we are on the about page, learn about the projects we are involved with on the projects page and hear the latest news and stories from real people on the latest news page. You can also donate or contact us using the various tabs at the top of the page.We are also on Facebook and Twitter and we will endeavour to report regularly on the work that Crossover does through this Page –

Please “like” us on FB and send us your comments as we’d appreciate hearing from you.

1176741_68006109Thank you for visiting our website and for your ongoing support as we seek to reach out to the needy in Brighton and  surrounding areas.

If you would like us to address your Church, school or interest group, to share further information about what we do and why we do it, we would welcome your invitation. We’re all in this together.